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Kerwin graduating high school this past May.
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4-year-old Kerwin with his mom, Laverne, in 2005


Kerwin’s mother, Laverne was not sure she would ever see her baby boy attend school and one day graduate. 

Yet this past spring, this proud and grateful mother watched her now tall, handsome and healthy son accept his high school diploma.

Kerwin was born in St. Vincent with tetralogy of Fallot, a serious congenital heart defect that can prove fatal if not corrected early in life. Kerwin’s parents feared what the future would hold for their baby boy if he was unable to receive needed, but locally unavailable, surgical intervention. 

Soon after his diagnosis, Kerwin was referred to World Pediatric Project and was prioritized for open heart surgery through WPP’s U.S. Referral Program for the first of two open heart corrective surgeries during the next eight years. Laverne remembers how frightened she was before the first surgery. “Everything ran through my mind. I was scared for him to have surgery, but I was even more worried if he did not have the surgery.”

While WPP continues to monitor Kerwin’s heart function, this outgoing 17-year-old is celebrating high school graduation and the beginning of college this year. He’s pursuing his dreams of teaching math and music. “I decided to become a teacher because I now want to help other young people succeed.”
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Deniesha, left and twin sister Reyniesha have both benefited from your support of their scoliosis correction surgery.
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“I want this... I want this... I want this...”

Repeating these simple but resolute words motivated 15-year-old Deniesha to endure excruciating daily physical therapy sessions following surgery to correct her spine’s severe scoliosis.

She had strong motivations to push herself so hard.  She wanted to stand tall with her twin sister who had also received WPP corrective surgery for scoliosis the year before. She wanted to be proud of her appearance and shop with her mom for fun new school clothes.  And, she just didn’t want to be bullied anymore. 

Deniesha’s determination, buoyed by your generosity, is creating a new beginning for her. Deniesha begins a new school year standing straight, feeling beautiful and confident and ready to pursue her dreams. 
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Isabella is experiencing something brand new this school year—she’s able to move about and play like a typical first grader, thanks to the generosity of WPP financial contributors and pediatric specialists.

Her radical transformation began two years ago when she arrived for her first major procedure at WPP partner hospital Shriners Hospital for Children in St. Louis.  Isabella had long suffered from impaired movement and pain caused by a severe case of bilateral Blount’s disease, otherwise known as bow legs. After surgery Isabella was in leg casts six weeks before returning home to St. Lucia to allow her legs to further strengthen before the next important of leg frame placement to complete her leg strengthening process.

This feisty and fun-loving little girl was determined to tackle every step of her healing journey including arduous daily physical therapy sessions to reclaim her walking and running ability. Throughout her entire treatment, Isabella’s smile and infectious laughter never wavered.

Isabella returned home with the straight legs and normal childhood she most dreamed of experiencing. 
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To say that Dania is living a life no 11 year old should have to endure is an understatement.

Native to Guatemala, this sweet girl is just beginning the 4th grade. Unlike her classmates, Dania endures the daily struggle and stress of a rare craniofacial condition called Crouzon Syndrome. Characterized by premature fusion of the skull bones, Dania’s physical condition causes her frequent headaches, extreme exhaustion, disrupted sleep and debilitating muscle cramps. 

Now Dania is recovering from her fourth and most extensive craniofacial surgery. These complex operations will mean a new lease on life for Dania, helping her enjoy a carefree childhood like other kids her age.
Your generosity and compassion will make it possible for hundreds of children just like Dania to pursue a pain-free life every child should enjoy. Their stories are still being written, and you can play a part in ensuring they have happy endings.
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