Become a Champion for Children

Children are our most precious resource in our world, our country, and each of our communities.

Healing a child and giving them the best opportunity for a healthy, productive life is a powerful outcome of your support of World Pediatric Project. Because your assistance is so profound, we have designated this support with the name Champions for Children.

As a Champion for Children, you are a leader in in mobilizing WPP’s pediatric specialists who volunteer their time and expertise to heal babies and children afflicted with from any number of congenital or acquired concerns. The most prevalent of all needs relates to the high incidence level of congenital cardiac, neuro or orthopedic conditions.

Become a Champion for Children through your individual support or through your business or organization affiliation.  Here’s how:

Champion for Children – Individual

$5,000 contributed directly or through crowdfunding leadership

Children with serious medical conditions requiring complex surgical procedures have the opportunity to receive care through WPP’s Patient Referral program through one of WPP’s partner hospitals offering a comprehensive medical center environment. WPP desires to expedite care for as many children as possible currently on our referral program waiting list. While these complex surgeries and postoperative care from the finest pediatric specialist providers are financially costly, because of the discounted and donated services to World Pediatric Project, we can accommodate most care for $15,000 per patient. That’s why each and every individual Champion for Children member is so vital to providing the often lifesaving advanced medical care needed to secure a healthy future for a child.  

Help a child on the waiting list for surgery - contribute directly or start a crowdfunding effort.

Champion for Children - Businesses and Organizations

$25,000 contributed or raised through organizational outreach

The core of WPP’s efficiency to reach and heal more than 2,000 children each year is through the mobilization of pediatric specialist diagnostic and surgery teams. As a business or organization Champion for Children member, this support mobilizes highly skilled and compassionate pediatric surgery teams to WPP partner countries who otherwise lack these specialist resources. 

All contributions raised toward the $25,000 amount support the mobilization of these high impact surgery teams to reach children in need as close to their own communities as possible.  Companies can raise these funds through any variety of approaches including:
  • Employee driven internal funding perhaps supplemented with matching company gift
  • Support of WPP special events in the community
  • Donation of entertainment or vacation package for WPP annual auctions
  • Crowdfunding campaign to friends of company, or organization 
  • Product sales with proceeds benefiting WPP
  • Direct contribution
For more information about participating as a WPP Champion for Children, contact Sue Farley at or call 804-282-8830.