Start your own personal online fundraising campaign and help World Pediatric Project deliver healing for children in need.

Fundraising Is Easy

You can help World Pediatric Project change the lives of children in Central American and the Caribbean who need advanced medical care. It only takes a moment to create and share with your friends and family so you can help deliver healing!

Start a Fundraiser

  • You can create a fundraiser through GoFundMe Charity page or start a Facebook Fundraiser.
  • Celebrate your birthday, compete in a race, honor a loved one, start an online campaign, or plan an event. Do your thing and be creative!
  • Spread the Word

Share your WPP story

  • Send emails to your network and promote your campaign through social media channels.
  • Remember, the more you personalize, the more powerful it becomes!

Ask for Support

  • Online Campaign: Instruct people to make a donation on x site
  • Fundraising Event: Invite people to attend your event and share the impact it will have on our kids and families

Say Thanks

  • Make sure to say thank you to everyone that supported your fundraiser. Handwritten notes and personalized emails are always a nice touch!
  • Development staff will keep you updated on the status of your online fundraiser and can give you the contact info of everyone you should thank.

Every dollar raised turns into $5 of delivered care for children in our partner countries, so your help at any level can go a long way.

The difference you can make is multiplied when you invite your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, church, and more.

For more information or help getting started today, please contact Andrea Ahonen at or (804) 282-8830.