As a Dove Society donor at $1,000 and above, you will be recognized as one of WPP’s most generous supporters and will make an immediate impact in the life of a critically ill child and their family. 

DIPLOMAT $1,000+

  • Fund lodging for a WPP family in the US
  • Provide housing for a WPP family undergoing complex surgical care.

ADVOCATE $2,500+

  • Fund our new Orthotics Program 
  • Invest in new technology and equipment needed to enhance this program in the Eastern Caribbean. 

ENVOY $5,000+

  • Fund a Cardiac Procedure for a child 
  • Enable a child to receive a surgical procedure in their home country. 


  • Fund a Child Surgery in the US
  • Bring a critically ill child to the US for life-saving surgery.

CHAMPION $25,000+

  • Fund a Medical Team 
  • Send a team of pediatric specialists to provide life-saving surgeries to children in one of our partner countries.