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“We rejoice in the thousands of children healed, yet we agonize over those not reached in time.”
Dr. Julian Metts, Founder of World Pediatric Project
This sentiment by World Pediatric Project’s founder, Dr. Julian Metts, captures the impetus behind WPP’s Transformation2023 Strategic Initiative. Its aim is clear- to reach more children sooner.
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Why Us, Why Now?

Since 2001, World Pediatric Project has delivered an estimated 25,000 specialist services to more than 12,000 children. In addition to this significant lifesaving and life-changing impact, WPP today has evolved a distinctive and effective model for bridging this menacing gap in access to surgical care. WPP’s model mobilizes volunteer and contributed pediatric specialist resources in a prudent, data and collaboration-driven approach which maximizes the immediate and long-term sustainable value of this outreach to each of WPP’s partner countries. Because this model is scalable, the potential exists to save thousands more lives each year. 

Transformation2023 Strategic Initiative accelerates WPP’s proven outreach to achieve world stage-worthy outcomes in access to pediatric specialist care in low-resource countries and sustainable solutions to urgent and advanced medical care for newborns. The outcome that shines above all – 12,000 additional children, including three thousand children reached years sooner, will gain lifesaving or life-enhancing care because of Transformation2023’s acceleration of outreach.

Transformation2023 Numbers at a Glance
  • Accelerates WPP’s advanced medical care outreach to deliver some 43,000 pediatric specialty services to an estimated 12,000 children between 2017-2023, resulting in thousands of children being helped years sooner.
  • Mobilizes a projected $206 million in advanced care resources through direct expenditures of approximately $45 million.
  • Philanthropic return on investment = at least $4 in pediatric advanced care delivered for every $1 contributed.
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Transformation2023 Target Outcomes

#1) Every child will have access to pediatric specialty care in eight countries

helping an estimated 5,000 children through expanding WPP’s sustained advanced medical care outreach.

#2) Every baby will have access to urgent and advanced care in five countries

assisting a projected 4,000 newborns through a two-part training program: 1) community health worker and midwife training for urgent response and 2) strengthening skills, experience and quality care protocols in Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

#3) Twice as many children will have access to pediatric specialty care in three large population countries

reaching a projected 3,000 children focused on highest need areas geographically and for high incidence pediatric sub-specialties such as neurosurgery, cardiac surgery and orthopedic surgery.

#4) Enhance future organizational sustainability via growth of endowment, planned gift, and revenue capacity building.