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Partner Highlight: University Hospital of Martinique

Eastern Caribbean
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From Emily Robertson, Director of Program Impact

Since 2014, World Pediatric Project has had a wonderful partnership with pediatric interventional cardiologist Dr. Hugues Lucron, who leads the pediatric cardiology team at University Hospital of Martinique. This hospital is a tertiary health care center located in the Eastern Caribbean region and a nearby neighbor of some of World Pediatric Project's partner countries like St. Lucia and Dominica. In particular, the hospital has robust capacity to provide interventional catheterizations to pediatric patients and a developed system of helping international patients which includes associations with NGOs like ESA-Caraibes that offer financial and logistical support to visiting families.
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University Hospital of Martinique
Before the pandemic, World Pediatric Project and Dr. Lucron collaborated for a handful of patients in need of timely diagnostic or interventional catheterization services. However, after the first months of the global crisis had passed, Dr. Lucron and University Hospital of Martinique opened the door wide for World Pediatric Project cardiac patients in need of urgent care. The program has received 4 patients from the region for successful cardiac treatment since September 2020. The activity of this partnership has grown from one World Pediatric Project patient helped every two years to one helped every month. Despite the persistent challenges of COVID-19, Faith from St. Vincent and Benaim, Auri, and Joyann from St. Lucia now have healed hearts, thanks to the expert care of Dr. Lucron and his team. It's a true sign of the hospital's commitment to the children of the entire Eastern Caribbean region.
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Joyann from St. Lucia was able to travel to Martinique for heart surgery just in time for her first birthday later this month.
Facilitating travel for children for these children to access surgical care continues to be very challenging during the pandemic, but World Pediatric Project's international representatives are crossing incredible hurdles every day to mobilize children with urgent needs to regional hospitals. World Pediatric Project's international representatives prepare families for travel, file travel documentation, secure transportation and lodging, and help families follow through with COVID-19 protocols to successfully access treatment for their children in Martinique. Their role is integral to the success of this partnership, and kids are receiving advanced care closer to home because of our international representatives' dedication and persistence.

In the months to come there are more children that World Pediatric Project has identified who can be helped in Martinique. In a world of so many limitations right now, this partnership continues to be efficient and thriving. As we report these mid-year results, we do so with much appreciation for and acknowledgement of Dr. Lucron and the entire cardiology team, the University Hospital of Martinique, and ESA-Caraibes. Thank you for making these miracles possible!