"It's Easy To Be Inspired"

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“We go where we are needed. We see the immense value of our efforts.”

Raleigh-based pediatric urologist Dr. Tim Bukowski easily expresses his commitment to leaving his home and family one week a year to bring his and his team’s pediatric expertise to Belize each spring for 16 years. 
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Dr. Bukowski notes his involvement with WPP is especially fulfilling because of the organization’s commitment to quality care. “WPP teams are deployed consistently every year, and WPP’s patient information system provides readily accessible medical records to help us provide the best care for the many children we see year after year throughout their childhood. This approach is beneficial for everyone - patients get the care they most need and WPP medical volunteers give the same attentive care as they would to their patients back home. Relationships grow.”

For children needing the benefit of surgical care at more fully equipped medical centers, Dr. Bukowski is grateful WPP has the patient care resources through its U.S. Referral Program to help unique or complex patient situations. “We never feel we are under-caring for a patient.”

“World Pediatric Project’s approach is an excellent way of providing medical care.”

“And we couldn’t do this alone.  Generous financial contributors spark everything else to happen, ensuring these kids get the medical care they need.  We are grateful to everyone who chooses to help us heal children.”
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