World Pediatric Project Reached A Record Number Of Children This Fall

Increase is part of WPP's Transformation 2023 Vision to reach thousands of children years sooner

RICHMOND, VA (February 5, 2018) - World Pediatric Project’s international medical teams reached a record number of 568 children last fall, resulting in 42 more kids receiving life-changing surgeries than the previous fall. This increased outreach was accomplished by expanding mobilization of World Pediatric Project diagnostic and surgery teams to low resource countries in the Caribbean and Central America, where access to pediatric advanced medical care is severely limited. Without an organization such as World Pediatric Project and hundreds of pediatric specialists volunteering their time and expertise, children would suffer needlessly, and tragically some would not survive childhood.

One of the 568 children helped was Valentina, 19 months old, from Guatemala. Valentina was born with Apert Syndrome, a condition that affects the growth of the skull bones, and as a result, the shape of the head and face. After Valentina was born, she remained in the ICU for four months, where her mom was repeatedly told that Valentina would not make it. She had life-saving surgery in October 2018 with World Pediatric Project’s new Guatemala Craniofacial team. “Since she was born, doctors have been telling me my daughter would not make it, but my daughter is a champion, I adore her,” Valentina’s mother said. Valentina will undergo a second surgery during the next trip to create space for her developing brain as she grows.

In addition to healing more children sooner, the efficiency of World Pediatric Project is also measured by mobilizing $5 for every $1 contributed through hundreds of pediatric specialist volunteers such as Dr. Joshua Pahys, orthopedic surgeon from Shriners Hospital Philadelphia. Dr. Pahys traveled for the first time with a World Pediatric Project team, leading a scoliosis spine repair team to Barbados.  “The trip was truly a life changing experience for me. It gave me such a wonderful and much needed dose of perspective to see how much good a small group can do when everyone focuses their energy towards a common goal,” he said. “It was my first of I hope many more mission trips with World Pediatric Project.”

This increase in children served is being accomplished as part of World Pediatric Project’s Transformation 2023 Vision/Every Child Campaign of reaching thousands of children years sooner.