Trinity School of Medicine Students Join World Pediatric Project Surgical Scoliosis Clinic

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The second World Pediatric Project scoliosis mission for 2017 took place last week at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in Kingstown and, as is typically the case, Trinity students were right there with the visiting team. Over sixty children were seen, nine of which ultimately had complex surgical procedures performed by the visiting team comprised of pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Tuten; Dr. Mike Estes, pediatric anesthesiologist; Dr. Joanna Horstmann, pediatric orthopedic surgeon; Erin Rose, neurophysiologist; Cathy Rosenbaum and Mary 'Debbie' Walton, both OR nurses. 

Trinity students were on hand for eight spinal fusions and a hard ring adjustment from a prior procedure. Five of the families were flown in on a private charter from hurricane ravaged Dominica to the stability and care of St. Vincent. 

Trinity students David Eapen and Robin Coffey were active participants in clinic day and offered some insight on their perspective as medical students. David Eapen explained, “I feel that the information presented to us in the classroom on scoliosis was excellent, as was the additional preparation for USMLE-Step-1 the school provides, so I felt pretty comfortable with what I understood going into the day, but I learned a great deal more once I got into the WPP mission itself.”  Working with Dr. Tuten and the other professionals, Trinity students were able to pick up great additional clinical insight, not only on the standard workup for scoliosis patients but also on how people from all over the community in St. Vincent as well as St. Lucia and other Caribbean islands were able to utilize the mission as a way to improve the quality of their lives. This "global" perspective on the continuum of care and its impact on a community is a fantastic quality for a future physician, and at Trinity, we're always grateful not just for the great work WPP does, but that they so consistently offer this perspective to our students.