Transforming Children's Healthcare: A Global Perspective

"Nelson Mandela once said, 'There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.'

"Think about that comment and then realize that over 1.7 billion children worldwide do not have access to safe surgery. Something we enjoy every day as a level of healthcare we can take for granted with our children is not available to most of the world's children."

These opening remarks from Transforming Children's Healthcare: A Global Perspective are among the revealing insights offered by Dr. Sanjeev Dutta, a pediatric general surgeon who straddles the medical innovation and venture capital worlds to find solutions to global health issues.

Some of Dr. Dutta's insights are:
  • There is three times the number of deaths (17 million) from surgically preventable disease every year than HIV, malaria, and TB combined.
  • A child in the developing world able to survive a serious surgical disease is likely to face a lifetime of disability, disfigurement, and social marginalization. No friends, not going to school, not living the normal life of a child. These families are often driven into poverty seeking help for their child. Literally into poverty.
  • This loss of life not only has a profound human cost, which we all feel, but also tremendous economic cost. The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery task force predicted an overall loss of $13 trillion in GDP by 2030 because of the lack of access to surgical care.
The sheer scale and impact of this global health problem is staggering. But Dr. Dutta believes World Pediatric Project leads the charge in addressing this challenge through its effective and sustainable world-class model.

"Things get done every day, consistently, and at a high quality."

Please watch the program for Dr. Dutta's full remarks and a panel discussion about the impact you have helped achieve. Stories from WPP medical volunteers Dr. Donna Brown and Dr. David Lanning show the true human impact of the work that we all do together through World Pediatric Project.

You are living true to the words of Nelson Mandela as a member of the World Pediatric Project family and we thank you.

 Keynote Speaker
Sanjeev Dutta, MD, MBA, FRCS, FACS
World Pediatric Project Volunteer Surgeon
Recognized as a leader in multispecialty minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Dutta spent over a decade as a Professor at Stanford University Medical Center where he developed extensive experience with advanced laparoscopic, thoracoscopic, and robotic procedures. He went on to become a senior executive leading innovation efforts in Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Devices company. He has advised both large healthcare corporations and startups in product development and business strategy, as well as venture capital funds in their medtech and health IT investing.

Panel Discussion Following Keynote
Sanjeev Dutta, MD, MBA, FRCS, FACS

David Lanning, MD, PhD
Co-Surgeon-in-Chief of Children’s Hospital of Richmond
World Pediatric Project Medical Director
Donna Brown,MD, FACS
Virginia Eye Institute
World Pediatric Project Charter Physician and Former Board Chair

Moderated by
Roben Farzad
Host of National Public Radio’s Full Disclosure