Supporting the Fight Against COVID-19

We’re all in this together, even while we’re apart. Every day the World Pediatric Project family is working hard to build healthcare capacity in the world. Sometimes that capacity is in our own backyard.
Much of our work involves collecting and shipping medical supplies to our partner countries in support of our traveling surgical teams, sometimes months in advance. It’s a sizeable logistical undertaking that helps WPP stand out as a leader in the global health community, but also created an opportunity for WPP to give back to the communities who make the work of delivering life-saving care to children possible.
Since mid-March, WPP has been helping our amazing hospital and housing partners both here in the United States and abroad by: 
  • Providing 120 containers of Clorox wipes and 25 bottles of hand sanitizer to the Ronald McDonald House in St. Louis. 
  • Working with WPP volunteer nurses and our partner hospitals to redistribute boxes of non-sterile gloves, more than 2,000 surgical masks, 250 surgical gowns, and 200 N95 respirators to hospitals in St. Louis and Richmond. 
  • Redistributing leftover surgical gowns and supplies from past partner country missions to local hospitals and COVID-19 response teams in Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras.
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We weren't able to get photos of the donations, but here is a 5-year-old's rendering of one event, and a special thanks!
World Pediatric Project is proud to be able to do our part to help our own communities as well as the global healthcare community combat COVID-19.

We look forward to continuing to work together with all of our partners to provide life-saving surgeries for critically ill children now and in the future.