Staying ready to help every child

The health and safety of the entire World Pediatric Project family is our utmost priority.

After conversations between WPP staff, board leadership, partner hospitals, medical volunteers, and in-country staff and partners, WPP has made the tough decision to postpone all international trips and U.S. referrals for the near future in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

We will be back to normal as soon as the CDC, WHO and our partner countries recommend it is safe to do so, and we are working to ensure we will have the resources and planning in place so NO CHILD is missed.

This decision has not been made lightly. Thousands of children in our partner countries are awaiting care, with more being referred every day.  We continue to assess the situation to determine when it is safe to resume program activity.

As a leading global health organization, World Pediatric Project is well-positioned to adapt and evolve to this event. Thanks to nearly twenty years of service and relationships with our partners in the countries where we operate as well as our network of hospitals and medical volunteers within the United States, we have the knowledge and personnel available to meet this challenge head-on.

Where we need your help is ensuring we have the financial resources to continue to deliver world-class care to these children who need it the most. 

Rescheduling trips and children traveling through our U.S. Referrals Program not only requires the absorption of cancellation fees but it also creates a backlog of children awaiting care in our partner countries. To meet this increased demand once we are reactivated and to reach children who will continue to be referred to our teams we will need to increase our presence in the coming fiscal year.

As we face this unprecedented occurrence, your continued support is invaluable in helping us be ready to reactivate our programs at a moment’s notice.
Thank you for making it possible for thousands of children to receive life-changing – and life-saving – care.

In solidarity,

Susan Rickman
CEO, World Pediatric Project