St. Lucia Times: VH benefits from newborn resuscitation programme

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Victoria Hospital (VH) has benefitted from a programme of the World Pediatric Project aimed at  improving newborn outcomes in the Caribbean.

Last week, the project conducted neonatal resuscitation training at the Victoria Hospital to impart life saving techniques to the participants.

It was explained that the first 12 to 24 hours of a baby’s life are vital to ensure proper transitioning from the womb to the outside environment...
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Previous World Pediatric programmes have largely focused on surgical teams and specialist pediatric areas such as cardiology, but the World Pediatric Project official observed that this programme is slightly different.

“Our particular programme with the World Pediatric Project is much more about capacity building. So, our focus is on the newborn and ensuring that the adequate equipment, adequate supplies, adequate systems, pharmaceuticals are available to babies in the Caribbean region so they can get the best care available,” Fleming disclosed.

Participants of the newborn resuscitation programme included midwives, neonatal nurses, EMTs, fire personnel and community nurses.

The Neonatal Resuscitation Programme has been successfully taught and implemented in other countries.

Though the principles of the programme are already implemented in Saint Lucia, the training served as a refresher for some while expanding the knowledge base of other participants.
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