An update from the Interim CEO

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Dear Friends and Supporters of World Pediatric Project,

Many of you saw last week’s announcement of Susan Rickman's retirement as the Chief Executive Officer of WPP. As the first employee and first and only CEO, Susan built this incredible organization that we have all been so proud to support. The team and volunteers she assembled in Richmond built the foundation of a unique global health enterprise.

The merger with the St. Louis office of Healing the Children Missouri brought depth, breadth, and strength to WPP, as well as a talented team of staff and volunteers ably led and inspired by Kate Corbett. We are a better organization as a result of that merger and will be stronger going forward in the post-pandemic world.

Thanks to the vision of Susan, Kate, and the hard work of our staff and hundreds of medical volunteers and our partner hospitals, WPP stands as a unique organization. 

WPP does what no other organization does in providing complex surgical care for children in the Eastern Caribbean and Central America while building health care capacity in the region and the United States. We are proud of our unique strengths and of the organization Susan built.

Now, even as we face a future of uncertainty, with our international operations temporarily suspended for the time being, our work continues. Our program staff is currently caring for thirteen patients in the U.S. until they can return home. We are also reviewing the list of patients scheduled to travel to the U.S. this fall. We are reviewing the international trips planned for the fall and working with our medical volunteers and in-country partners to explore remote diagnostic and telemedicine clinics. We are using technology to focus on capacity building and providing new services. Let there be no doubt that WPP will continue its mission.

You have been among our most loyal friends, volunteers, and supporters to World Pediatric Project. Your support, friendship, and gifts have helped Susan to build this wonderful and unique organization. As interim CEO, I am committed to continuing that vision. I humbly ask for your good counsel, support, and patience as we work through this unprecedented time and emerge on the other side as a stronger and more nimble organization.

Please feel free to contact me directly via email at or via cellphone at 540/460-1050. I welcome all thoughts and ideas you may have about moving WPP forward.


Brian D. Shaw
Interim Chief Executive Officer