The WPP network consists of medical & non-medical volunteers, hospital systems, partners, donors, and staff all working together to fulfill this important mission.


Volunteers have come alongside World Pediatric Project from the beginning to carry out what we envision with our partners for transformed global pediatric health care delivery. The surgeon who provides surgery, the physician who consults and trains, the nurse who carefully inventories medical supplies, the student who serves as a friend and support to a patient coming to the U.S., the board member who provides guidance and oversight, the community member who helps organize a busy clinic day for a traveling team, the supporter who helps run an event and champion fundraising efforts… all the many different types of volunteers are the collective force for World Pediatric Project’s mission. They are the doers, the collaborators, the ambassadors. We are always amazed by the transformations they make possible.

Medical Volunteers

WPP’s Medical Volunteers are the foundation of our network and our programs. Our medical volunteers are highly trained pediatric specialists committed to long-term program building, excellence in patient care, and collaboration with local health workers.

Non-Medical Volunteers

Non-Medical Volunteers are at the heart of the World Pediatric Project family, directly supporting World Pediatric Project patients and their families. 

Our Partners

Partnerships are a vital part of the World Pediatric Project delivery system. Philanthropic in-kind support from medical volunteers, supply and equipment companies, hospitals, and other partners help turn every dollar raised into so much more delivered care. Through event and program sponsorship and outright giving, WPP Corporate Partners invest in a global health system that means the difference of a lifetime for the communities we serve.

Program Partners

Community Partners

Corporate Partners

Dove Society

World Pediatric Project’s Dove Society is a level of recognition for our donors of $1,000 or more a year. As a Dove Society member, you will be recognized as one of WPP’s most generous supporters and will make an immediate impact in the life of a critically-ill child and their family. 

Our Boards

Our Staff