Reaching and healing children needing advanced medical care is an investment that lasts a lifetime for those children and their families. But the investment becomes even more dynamic and sustainable when local medical personnel can acquire the skills and training needed to diagnose, treat, and sometimes even prevent some conditions from occurring. World Pediatric Project’s Children of Tomorrow programs focus on strengthening a country’s own capacity to care for the critical needs of their children for the future.

Being part of the Global Health Initiative

Training indigenous physicians, nurses and health care workers empowers sustainable pediatric healthcare capacity. WPP develops these programs to help achieve the goals set forth in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which includes ending preventable deaths of newborns and children under the age of 5. These training programs take aim at strengthening the skills and capacity of health care workers in our partner countries.
World Pediatric Project's Children Of Tomorrow Impact

For FY 2018-2019

5 Program Countries Served
250+ Health Care Workers Trained
376 Training Hours Provided
600+ Newborns Impacted

Newborn and Infant Training Programs for Frontline Healthcare Providers

Medium- and low-resource countries experience a tragically high child and infant mortality rate, with a large percentage of deaths occurring during the first month of life. These deaths often occur from medically treatable conditions, if skilled professionals are accessible to respond.

World Pediatric Project aims to increase survival for the tiniest and sickest infants as well as newborns in their early days of life. WPP is accomplishing this through two programs:
  • Newborn Care Training for Frontline Providers - WPP equips frontline clinic and midwife personnel with the essential skills and protocols to capably respond to common but urgent newborn issues such as respiratory distress, feeding concerns, and jaundice. Current /Upcoming Program Locations- Belize, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, Grenada, St, Kitts/Nevis and Dominica
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Training and Enhancement Program - The tiniest and most fragile infants, many of them premature births, require specialized care and equipment often lacking in low and middle income countries. WPP neonatal training teams dedicate their efforts to a multi-year, multi-stage training and mentoring collaboration to strengthen the skills, protocols and facility support to help these infants survive and thrive with few complications. Current/Upcoming Program Locations - Belize, St. Vincent, Grenada and St. Lucia

Cardiac Surgery Training Programs

Congenital heart defects are the most common of all birth defects and cause the most infant deaths. Currently the diagnosing, treating, and surgical intervention of heart disease for babies and children is out of reach for 90% of the children in the world. This disease requires high resources, specialized skills, and advanced hospital infrastructure lacking in most countries.
On the bright side, while congenital heart disease is not preventable, comprehensive training programs of local teams can eventually equip them to better care for a disease that will affect eight of every 1000 children born.
Not every country will have the health system that can sustain a heart program, but some have made great strides in modernizing their hospitals and skill levels and have a strong will and commitment, with help, to develop pediatric heart capacity. WPP focuses on this program in two of our partner countries:
  • Dominican Republic Cardiac Surgery Training Program: WPP brought five U.S. organizations, a local Dominican organization, and CEDIMAT Hospital in Santo Domingo together to leverage resources and expertise to develop an indigenous pediatric heart program for the country. This program has equipped local medical providers with the training and infrastructure support it needs to independently treat children born each year with congenital heart disease. David Ortiz, former professional baseball player for the Boston Red Sox, partnered with WPP in 2005 to establish the David Ortiz Children’s Fund to provide continuous funding for this heart program. Since then, hundreds of children have received life-saving cardiac care by a locally trained pediatric cardiac heart team. This program is ongoing. 
  • Honduras Cardiac Surgery Training Program: The success of the Dominican Republic Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Training Program led to the development of a similar program in Honduras in partnership with Hospital Maria Especialidades Pediátricas and local Honduran surgeon, Dr. Victor Paz, currently the only pediatric cardiac surgeon in the country. This program brings together pediatric heart teams from Virginia, Missouri and Nevada to provide training and case support to the local Honduran cardiac surgery team. This program was established in 2017.