World Pediatric Project has been providing advanced care to children and building healthcare capacity in our partner countries for 20 years.

We have developed unique regional models of care to meet the needs of children and healthcare workers today, and in the future. Twenty years of data collection, monitoring and assessment has proven the efficacy of this model.

What We Do – Service Delivery

Since 2001, WPP has provided thousands of children with access to life-saving and life-changing care, facilitated training for hundreds of local healthcare workers across disciplines, and worked with governments and hospitals to develop system capacity, resources and advocate for health policies.

Since 2001


children have been reached by World Pediatric Project’s network of care



surgical procedures



How Well We Do It – Measures of Quality

WPP’s deep commitment to data collection, patient monitoring, and outcome tracking sets us apart in the field of global surgery. WPP’s custom Patient Information System contains more than 60,000 patient records for more than 15,000 children across 20 countries and custom reporting to track measures of patient follow-up, volunteer engagement, complication rates and much more.


of WPP patients receive care in more than one subspecialty area


of WPP medical volunteers are repeat volunteers, serving annually


of WPP training program participants report an improvement in skills and knowledge


resource leverage ratio turning every $1 donated into $4 of mobilized pediatric care

Why It Matters – Long-Term Impact to Families and Communities

We believe that when children are healed, the social and emotional health of families is restored, and the economic productivity of communities is strengthened. The impact of WPP extends beyond the individual life of each child; the true impact is building the foundation for happier, healthier communities and more robust economies in the countries where we work.

Using 18 years of WPP data from WPP’s work in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, researchers from the College of William and Mary and the University of Ghana determined that WPP’s work was directly responsible for approximately 6,000+ years of additional healthy life on the island.

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