Using 18 years of WPP data from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, researchers from the College of William and Mary and the University of Ghana determined that WPP’s work was directly responsible for approximately 6,000+ years of additional healthy life on the island.

Small Island States & Geographically Isolated Populations

Using a regional “Hub & Spoke” model, WPP partners with Ministries of Health and local health systems to deliver holistic and comprehensive advanced pediatric healthcare services.

Larger Population Countries

WPP uses a tailored approach and partnership with local medical professionals to bridge gaps in specific pediatric healthcare needs in each community and region

The World Pediatric Project model is built on long-term engagement and continuity of multi-specialty care, through direct patient care AND local capacity-building programs.

A snapshot of our 20-year history:

  • 750+ patients treated in the United States
  • 500+ Surgical and Diagnostic medical teams deployed
  • $166,000,000+ in donated medical services delivered to children
  • 9,000+ surgeries completed
  • 45,000+ medical services provided to 15,000+ children