World Pediatric Project provides direct advanced care to thousands of children each year, while also strengthening the local healthcare system. 

We do this through:

  1. DIRECT CARE – delivering pediatric surgical and specialty care to children in need
  2. GLOBAL NETWORKS – building a complex network of pediatric healthcare resources through global partnerships
  3. CAPACITY BUILDING – developing in-country healthcare resources through training and capacity building

Key Components of The WPP Model

  • Build strong international and regional networks with hospital partners and medical professionals
  • Formalize partnerships with Ministries of Health and regional health agencies
  • Strengthen local healthcare systems by prioritizing education, training, and advocacy programs
  • Commit to excellence through monitoring patient care and tracking outcomes
  • Lead efforts on the ground in all partner countries, with professional WPP staff and partner healthcare workers
  • Cultural competency and humility

Regional Approaches

WPP understands that no two countries are the same. We develop specialized regional networks and models of care to meet the unique healthcare needs and opportunities of each community and country where we work.

Central America

Supporting local pediatric specialists to bridge gaps in high-resource areas of pediatric care, with an emphasis on promoting sustainable solutions and ongoing training.


Building a regional healthcare delivery system to provide comprehensive surgical care to children from the region and promote collaboration and training across countries.

U.S. Referral Program

Providing care to the most complex and urgent patients through our growing network of world-class hospital partners across the United States.