Proven Approach

Each $1 contributed generates an additional $5 in pediatric specialist care

Having delivered some 25,000 pediatric critical care services to an estimated 14,000 children in the past 16 years, World Pediatric Project offers a comprehensive and sustainable approach to providing access to pediatric advanced care for children in 12 countries in the Caribbean and Central America. Our proven approach optimizes partnerships, collaborations, and volunteers, supported by a data and outcomes-driven professional organization.

One reason for WPP’s effectiveness is our deliberate selection of partner countries where the greatest immediate and long-term impact can occur. This requires government and nongovernmental entities within WPP partner countries to share responsibility and accountability for program implementation and resource support. 

WPP’s Proven Approach also includes:
  •  Multi-specialty diagnostic and surgical capacity, thus offering a comprehensive solution to care for children in WPP partner countries
  • Patient tracking and outcomes monitoring through the age of  21, as many WPP patients require multiple phases of surgery
  • Commitment to achieving quality and depth of sustainable outcomes in WPP partner countries versus expanding to other countries
  • Effective mobilization of philanthropic in-kind support from medical volunteers, supply and equipment companies and hospitals to create an extraordinary philanthropic investment value of $5 of mobilized pediatric specialist care for every $1 contributed.


Healing more children, sooner

  • Accelerates WPP’s effective outreach twice as fast resulting in 3,000 or more children helped 7 years sooner.
  • 13,000 children benefiting from 36,000 procedures, an indication of WPP’s multidisciplinary approach to care where many children are helped by more than one WPP specialist.
  • Financial contributions of $45 million deliver $206 million in pediatric specialist care - more than $4 of delivered care for each $1 invested. WPP volunteer pediatric specialists, hospitals and medical supply companies are generous in-kind contributors.

Transformation2023 Target Outcomes

  1. 100% Access to pediatric critical care resources for children in eight countries.
  2. 100% Access to newborn advanced care in six countries.
  3. 75% Expansion of WPP pediatric critical care outreach in large population countries. 
  4. Enhance futureorganizational sustainability and growth through endowment, planned gifts, and revenue capacity building.