El Salvador

About El Salvador

The smallest and most densely populated of the 7 Central American countries, El Salvador is located on the Pacific Coast of Central America bordered by Guatemala to the west and Honduras to the north and east. With over 20 volcanos, mountains and beaches, El Salvador is a country of natural beauty, ancient ruins and stunning architecture.

While the service industry has grown significantly in urban areas over the past 20 years, nearly half of the population remains in rural areas with no access to clean water or electricity. The country’s per capita income, while improving, remains less than $5,000 USD annually.

The Need

El Salvador has struggled to offer quality, accessible healthcare throughout the country. The quality of healthcare in the country ranks 115th out of 190 countries globally.

The quality of care received is often directly associated with the individual’s ability to pay, with poor citizens having limited access. Private and public healthcare providers are primarily located within major cities such as the capital of San Salvador. There are few healthcare facilities in rural, remote areas of the country where one third of the population lives. 
Given the economic and resource struggles to provide medical care to the general population, the capacity to assist babies and children requiring pediatric specialty care is nearly non-existent.

How World Pediatric Project Helps

Currently, World Pediatric Project assists children in El Salvador with urgent or complex surgical needs through the WPP Patient Referral Program. We continue building in-country relationships in order to reach and heal more children.

Patient Referral Program:

For patients requiring more complex or urgent surgical care, WPP coordinates treatment through a network of United States and international partner hospitals. Currently 1-2 children from El Salvador receive services through this program each year.

Children of the El Salvador: Julieta, age 11, Cardiology (Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome)
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Julieta was at school one day when she felt her heart beating fast and experienced dizziness. A cardiologist later diagnosed her symptoms as Wolff Parkinson White syndrome, a disorder of the electrical system of the heart. After waiting many years for treatment that was not available in El Salvador, Julieta traveled to the United States for for a relatively simple procedure. She was able to walk out of the hospital the same day as her procedure, celebrating with Coke and chocolate, which had been forbidden previously due to caffeine. Julieta will no longer need to take any medication and can thrive into adulthood!