Join Erickson's Dream Team

"Together we can help lots of kids get the care they need for a really awesome life like I have now!"

Erickson - 13 years old, Guatemala

With a twinkle in his eye revealing his sense of humor, Erickson describes himself as a regular kid, or in his words, “maybe a little above average.” 
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6-year-old Erickson in 2011
Erickson was born with a rare physical abnormality of two arms on one side of his body as well as congenital scoliosis which increasingly twisted his spine every year. He also had a tethered spinal cord which could leave him paralyzed. He and his family faced a seemingly insurmountable challenge of finding pediatric specialists in their home country of Guatemala. Without surgical intervention, his severe scoliosis would crush his lungs and eventually take his life.

Today 13-year-old Erickson has attained his first dream--to be able to ride a bike and play sports like other kids his age.

While his healing journey began through his mom’s devotion to finding medical care, it’s now complete because of your compassion and generosity to World Pediatric Project.

Erickson’s new dream is to give back - to help other children facing difficult medical challenges attain the life-changing care otherwise not available to them.
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13-year-old Erickson in March
Will you join Erickson’s “Dream Team” to heal other children awaiting lifesaving care?