From The Interim CEO

For twenty years, you have helped heal the children of today while building for a better
tomorrow through World Pediatric Project.

For so many children, you have not just changed their lives but saved them.
For so many families, you have given them hope and joy and promises of so many days to

For our volunteers, you’ve empowered them to lend their talent and skills to deliver world-class care to those who need it the most.

For our partner countries, you’ve helped create access to healthcare for their youngest
and most vulnerable citizens.

The challenges of the last two years have inspired us to find creative and innovative
solutions to deliver specialty healthcare to children in need – some of whom cannot wait.
Your continued support has helped us utilize and expand our network for care as we look
forward not just to the next year, but the next 20 years.

As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we celebrate you and your commitment to making
a lasting difference in the world. Thank you for being a partner in changing the world.

Brian D. Shaw
Interim CEO
World Pediatric Project

FY 2021

“I can think of no better return on investment than saving the life of a child. WPP’s ability to leverage resources for maximum benefit to children, families and communities is world class.”

Todd Purdy
General Partner, Edward Jones – Vice Chairman, WPP Executive Board of Directors

FY 2020

FY 2019

FY 2018