Feeling "Blessed"

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Bless at 6 years old
The Holidays are extra joyous for thousands of children like Bless and her family, who your support has allowed WPP to heal in recent years.
Born in St. Vincent with severe congenital heart abnormalities, Bless has needed five heart surgeries and multiple other pediatric specialty services to save her life and boost her dreams for a vibrant future.
“Thank you for saving my life and helping to save the next child’s life needing WPP’s support. Your generosity not only heals our bodies, but it mends our spirits... and gives us the miracle of a future without limits. And for that, on behalf of all WPP children, I say thank you!”
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15-year-old Bless this November in World Pediatric Project's 13th Annual Treasures in Paradise
Every day, your support makes stories like Bless’s possible.

You can make a generous tax-deductible donation of any amount today. Every dollar we raise turns into $4 of delivered medical care thanks to in-kind contributions from our medical volunteers and equipment providers.
Just $1,250 helps provide life-saving surgery to a child just like Bless.
Your special year-end donation of $50, $100, or whatever you can afford, you can help us provide life-saving care for a child– and deliver many more happy holidays for years to come.
Your support today helps WPP pediatric specialists reach and heal more children sooner.
Thank you for your continued support and friendship.