Caribbean in Our Hearts

Too often recently we have experienced dramatic reminders in the U.S. and abroad of the preciousness of life, and how quickly it all can change. 
For 9-year-old Mya and her family in St. Lucia, this reminder occurred a few months ago during her routine walk home from school. The bell rang and the ever-happy 9-year-old began her daily walk home when she tripped and fell. Although incurring only a minor scrape to her knee, Mya‘s legs buckled beneath her when she attempted to stand up. Something was horribly wrong.

An MRI received in the neighboring island of Martinique revealed a large mass pressing on the delicate nerves in her spine. Within hours Mya lost her ability to walk. Fears grew that if left untreated, this condition could result in permanent paralysis.
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Suddenly, this happy-go-lucky school girl’s life became consumed with medical tests and uncertainty. Her parents and grandparents were not only overwhelmed with their daughter’s sudden illness, but had the added stress of not knowing where they could find help as surgery was unavailable in St. Lucia.

Mya’s physician in St. Lucia contacted World Pediatric Project and within a month, Mya and her mom, Ania, arrived in St. Louis for care under the experienced hands of Dr. Phillipe Mercier, pediatric neurosurgeon at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. Dr. Mercier confirmed Mya’s large and growing cyst posed serious risk to her life. She needed immediate surgery.

Just weeks after a complex but successful surgery, Mya is surpassing all expectations in her progress toward regaining mobility. She is already walking independently again and is eager for the day she’ll be back to running around and chasing her twin sister!
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You can imagine her mom’s relief and gratitude. Gone is the heavy burden of worry, stress and fear. Today, she and Mya are more joy-filled than ever knowing people exist in this world, like those supporting World Pediatric Project, who were there to help.

Through your generosity to World Pediatric Project, the rest of Mya’s medical story is one of effective outreach, healing and optimism. You’ll read in the enclosed information how your support activated World Pediatric Project’s rapid response to save this precious girl’s life. And remember, Mya is one of more than 2,000 children your support helped last year.
Hundreds of children just like Mya in World Pediatric Project’s partner countries are awaiting their chance for treatment because access to advanced surgical care is beyond their reach. We want to help them by assuring they have access to what World Pediatric Project does best – healing and saving children’s lives. Thank you in advance for your generous support during this season of giving. Your gift is as vital as ever to help us reach every child possible.