World Health Day 2020

By Sarah Iracane, Chief Program Officer - World Pediatric Project

This World Health Day may be one of the most important yet.
Around the world, communities are celebrating their doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers who are putting their health and lives on the line to provide care for people they’ve never met before. These incredible people stand on the front-lines to keep our families healthy and safe no matter what the world throws at them.
We see this love and commitment to healing every day at World Pediatric Project thanks to the world-class medical professionals who volunteer their time and talents to deliver life-changing and saving care to thousands of children every year.
At World Pediatric Project’s core are the doctors, nurses, and medical volunteers whose passion for healing is the difference of a lifetime for children throughout the WPP family – whether it’s 16-year-old Claudette who is awaiting care in Belize or 3-year-old Hope from Barbados who is one of eight children in St. Louis still receiving care.

To both our medical volunteers here in the United States and to our in-country partners working miracles in low-resource settings every day we say thank you. Thank you for your commitment. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your love.
Please take a moment this World Health Day and join us in saying thank you to each of the doctors, nurses, midwives, and all healthcare professionals who keep all of us and our children healthy, happy, safe, and looking forward to a life full of hope and opportunity.