Wanting The Best For Their Children

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Jill Hahn, Pediatric Nurse and WPP Volunteer since 2011
Jill Hahn has spent her life caring for children. As a pediatric nurse at Shriners Hospital for Children - St. Louis, Jill has been championing World Pediatric Project's mission and assisting with U.S. Referrals since 2006. Not knowing what to expect made Jill nervous for her first trip in 2011, but she feels blessed that her colleague and fellow WPP medical volunteer, Dr. Eric Gordon, convinced her to take a leap of faith and go.

“After meeting all these wonderful patients, staff, and families, I knew I had to continue to help the mission. All their parents want is the same thing all of us parents want; the best for their children.”

Jill enjoys working alongside WPP staff to solve the puzzles of challenging cases and seeing the difference a life-saving surgery has on the children and families for whom she has helped provide a life of hope and a brighter future.
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