2020 Mid-Fiscal Year Update

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Your support is being felt by nearly 1,000 children who benefited from diagnostic or surgical care during the first half of WPP's budget year. Behind the numbers lies immense hope and optimism felt by the children and families touched and, most of all, their sincere gratitude.

A few highlights include:
  • WPP's neonatal care training program is being fully implemented in four Eastern Caribbean countries with the goal of "every baby having access to urgent, advanced medical care." The program aims to expand to three more countries in Central America and the Eastern Caribbean by the end of 2020.
  • WPP's model of decentralized clinics are allowing more children in the Eastern Caribbean to access diagnostic care in their home countries - saving families the cost of traveling to St. Vincent and the Grenadines for evaluation by a WPP diagnostic team.
  • WPP's first scoliosis surgery team traveled to Guatemala, providing diagnostic services for 32 children and surgery for 7 - and establishing partnerships to help implement a surgical training program in the near future.