Helping 120 children in the next 100 days
April 6th – July 14th

If Not Us, Then Who?

5-month-old Noah is adored by his family in Belize. But today, their joy is now also tainted with fear for his life.

Recently, Noah was diagnosed with a common yet potentially life-threatening congenital heart condition called ventricular Septal defect (VSD). This condition is simply described as a hole between the two major chambers of the heart, not allowing for proper blood flow or healthy functioning of the heart. Belize, like most low resource countries, does not have pediatric cardiac surgeons to address this need.

World Pediatric Project pediatric specialists are ready to help, we just need you!

Noah is among the 120 children identified by WPP needing critical surgical care just as soon as possible. In the next 100 days, WPP has set a goal of $200,000 to help meet this direct surgical outreach need

While we provide treatment and surgeries at no cost to the families, the average direct cost to WPP to provide surgery for a child in their home country is $550 — and for a child needing to travel to the United States for advanced critical care the average cost is $9,500.

Every gift of any amount will help us get closer to reaching and healing these waiting children.

Thank you for giving a child a lifetime of healing.

World Pediatric Project is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization under IRS code.

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