Hugs Heal. In our every day lives, hugs connect us to one another, express affection, concern and compassion to those around us. Hugs can lower our stress level, blood pressure, and give us a greater sense of comfort. Hugs heal us as well as those we offer them to.

Through WPP’s Hugs To Heal campaign, you have the unique opportunity to share hugs with children who urgently need them – in fact, their lives depend on it. By becoming a Hug Hero, you can spread share WPP with your friends and family and ask them to join with us as we express healing hugs to children needing critical medical or surgical care otherwise unavailable to them.

Your compassionate hug will heal a child, and give them the most priceless gift of all – their future.

Through Hugs To Heal, your love of healing just takes a moment to express — but makes a lifetime of difference for our children.

Like a hug, it starts with action.

Become a Hugs Hero

Pledge to raise $500 or more among your friends or donate $500 to become a Hugs Hero and receive our weekly Group Hug email with exclusive video updates from WPP medical teams. See the difference you are making first hand!


Every dollar you donate turns into $4 through the power of in-kind donations from doctors, nurses, hospitals, and suppliers.

Brighten a child’s day …
let him know someone cares!

We will deliver your message of hope on a banner