Nurses Training Program

The primary children’s hospital in the Dominican Republic wrestles with a significant problem – – insufficient training and education of its nursing personnel. In fact, one-third of the nursing staff lacks formal professional nursing training, having only a high school degree or one year of health-related coursework following high school. As a result, the very people on the frontline of caring for the children at this hospital and not equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the best outcomes for sick children. In January 2012, WPP launched its first ever hospital-wide nurses’ training program to address critical care at the nursing level, thanks to funding donated by famed designated hitter David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox.

“I’m proud to be part of a program for my country which will have a huge, life-saving impact on the more than14,000 children treated at this hospital every year,” said Ortiz.

By July 2012, WPP will complete this hospital wide comprehensive nurses training program for the hospital’s 385 nurses which will build on current knowledge of issues such as infection control, wound care and how to appropriately share information upon shift changes. The nurses are eager and motivated to learn, and at the end of the seven-month-long program will have the important skills and knowledge needed to give children of the Dominican Republic the care they deserve.

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