"World Pediatric Project mobilized more than 14 million dollars in donated medical services from the medical community last year, which gave hundreds of children first-time access to critical care."

World Pediatric Project Board of Directors

Julian C. Metts, Jr., D.D.S.

John Van Der Hyde

Vice Chairman
Brian Clare, MD

Michael Bor

Medical Director
David Lanning, MD, PhD

Karen Booth Adams
Cecilia Eykyn Barbosa, PhD
Gerald Barber
Nadia Blanchet, MD
Bart Farinholt
Mike Garner
Philip Goodpasture
Kate Hight
Tom Horton
Rusty Keeley
Marianne M. Radcliffe
Rick Ramsey
Anna Reed
Chester Sharps, MD
Laurence Wintersteen

Every dollar you donate turns into $4 through the power of in-kind donations from doctors, nurses, hospitals, and suppliers.

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