"World Pediatric Project mobilized more than 14 million dollars in donated medical services from the medical community last year, which gave hundreds of children first-time access to critical care."


We heal critically ill children and build healthcare capacity in the world.


Every child, regardless of geography, will have access to quality, critical care in order to live a full and productive life.

Core Values:

Compassion – We treat the children we serve, and their families, with love, empathy and respect.

Agile – We are an entrepreneurial, resilient organization, quick to respond to both needs and opportunities in our environment.

Relationships – We value long term mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with WPP’s Partners and Stakeholders.

Empowerment – We believe in our ability to drive positive change to impact the lives of children; including our ability to help others also recognize that same ability inside of them.

Sustainability – We honor the importance of our work by focusing our resources, not just on the present, but on the long-term reliability, repeatability and distribution of our impact


World Pediatric Project was founded in 2001 as International Hospital for Children, with the mission to link worldwide pediatric surgical, diagnostic and preventative resources to heal critically ill children in developing countries. Dr. Julian Metts, in conjunction with the South Richmond Rotary Club, founded the organization after returning from a dental mission trip in which Dr. Metts witnessed many children who were dying due to lack of access to critical medical care which is readily accessible in the United States. On March 1, 2011, International Hospital for Children merged with a nonprofit organization in St. Louis and became World Pediatric Project.

Every dollar you donate turns into $4 through the power of in-kind donations from doctors, nurses, hospitals, and suppliers.

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